4-Day Workshop + Audition with Liss Fain Dance

LFD at YBCA Forum
photo: Frederic Boulay

4- Day Workshop and Audition with Liss Fain Dance
August 19-22, 12:30-4:30 PM
San Francisco Conservatory of Dance

Experience the choreographic process that Liss Fain Dance uses to develop the company’s immersive performance installations. You will work with choreographer and artistic director Liss Fain and the company dancers to learn excerpts from a piece that the company is currently developing, as well as investigate how initial movement phrases, ideas, gestures, and text evolve into finished choreography. Under Liss Fain’s guidance, you will experiment with movement, directives, and gestures to develop individual and personal material.

This workshop will also serve as an audition for the company’s next project, which will premiere at Z Space in January 2014. The company is seeking a male dancer with experience in performing contemporary work. Candidates must be comfortable with working in a collaborative process and have strong partnering skills. The working period will last approximately 12 weeks, from late fall-January 12, 2014. There are generally 20 hours of paid rehearsal per week.

Liss Fain’s highly physical, emotionally resonant choreography fuses contemporary force with the kinetic precision of classical ballet. The company’s current repertory of performance installations combines movement, theater, and literature in intimate and vivid experiences of performance on a large scale. In 2013, Liss Fain Dance presented its home season at the Forum at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and performed at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY, and the Mill Valley Public Library.

For more information, or to register, please send an email to megan[at]lissfaindance[dot]org (replacing the bracketed words with the appropriate symbols).